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Address:  No.36 Yunzhang Road, Ji’zhou District Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, China
Contact Person: Ms.Wendy
TEL: 0086-796 8280312
Cell phone: 0086-18279831875
Fax: 0086-796-8280028
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Jiangxi Xin’ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 following the restructuring of former Jiangxi Ganjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. The company has a registered capital of RMB18,896,000 yuan. At the end of 2004, we received the "GMP" certification which is the most sought-after certification in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.    
Jiangxi Xin’ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical raw materials for Western and traditional Chinese medicine patent prescription in both China and the overseas market.    
Since its establishment, Jiangxi Xin’ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has strived to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry while being a pioneer for progress and  innovation. These goals are part of our company'culture and reflect our commitment to our customers.    
Jiangxi Xin’ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has developed and put many varieties into production, including tablets, capsules, granules, powders, pastille, bulk drug dosage forms of medicines used as raw materials and so on, by making full use of the brand predominance of former Jiangxi Ganjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and developing the spirt “science and technology comes first”,     
We have more than 163 kinds of medicine such as Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin B1 tablets, ranitidine capsules, kidney nourishing capsules, calcium gluconate, zinc gluconate, ferrous gluconate which have been approved by the State food and drug administration of China.    
We have build our reputation on the quality of our products which is recognized all over the world and has contributed to our success in China and overseas.    
The company employs 310 workers and staff of which 60 are chemists (3 with senior professional titles and 20 with mid-level professional titles). More than 80 percent of our chemists have college or higher education.    
All our employees go through thorough training and evaluation programmes which are designed to ensure rigorous quality assurance and quality control processes during manufacturing.    

The company is located in the the northern suburbs of Ji'an city in Jiangxi province, in close proximity to the Ji’an Station of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Line and 2 kilometers away from the Jiangxi-Guangdong Highway.     

Our plant covers an area of 18,000 square meters distributed as such:    

Production space: 10,300 M2²    
Storage areas:    3846 M2²    
Quality controls: 600 M2²    
Office space:     2664 M2²    
Assisted production space: 384 M2    

There are more than 200 sets existing production equipment, 4 units 30M3 fermentors, 8 sets of condense equipment, 2 sets of XF-30 boiling dryer, 3 sets of vacuum drying oven, 2 units 35B-pressing machines, 2 Units Automatic Granule Packaging Machine, one set of fully automatic bottled production line, 2 Units aluminum flat-panel packing machine, 1 Unit efficient coating machine, 1 unit FG boiling Dryer,  1 Units efficient Wet Granulator, 2 Units universal grinder, two cans of Chinese herbal medicine multi-functional Extraction, one set of equipment Chinese medicine decoction liquid condensed, 1 Units automatic Capsule Filling Machine, as well as other Units (sets)of equipment that matched production scale.    

Our production equipment consists of:    

·        4 30M3 fermentors    
·        8 inspissators     
·        2 sets XF-30 boiling dryer    
·        3 vacuum drying ovens    
·        2 35B pressing machines    
·        2 automatic Granule Packaging Machines    
·        One fully automatic bottle production line    
·        2 aluminum flat-panel packing machines    
·        1 coating machine    
·        1 FG boiling dryer    
·        1 wet granulator    
·        2 universal grinders    
·        2 Chinese herbal medicine multi-functional extractors    
·        1 set of equipment for Chinese medicine decoction liquid condensed    
·        1 automatic Capsule Filling Machine    
·        Other production equipment    

Quality Management department:    

·        Infrared map spectrometer    
·        Thin layer chromatogram scanner    
·        Multi-effect liquid chromatography    
·        Atomic absorption chromatography.    
All of the Products have to be inspected by full check before delivery .    

Annual production capacity:    

·        4000 tons raw material    
·        One billion tablets    
·        400 million capsules    
·        100 million granules bags    
·        600 tons of powder    
Strict quality assurance system is a reliable guarantee for the quality, the Quality Management department is fully equipped, which has infrared map spectrometer, thin layer chromatogram scanner, multi-effect liquid chromatography, atomic absorption chromatography. Products are all detected by plant-wide items.     

Jiangxi Xin’ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. looks forward to facing new opportunities and challenges while always contributing to the improvement of human health and the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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National drug production licenses: HabZb20050100 Gan Gan ICP Record 200903020202
Address:No.36 Yunzhang Road, Ji’zhou District Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, China Tel:0086-796 8280312
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