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Welcome the Jiangxi Xin'ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Xin'ganjiang pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 following the restructuring of former Jiangxi Ganjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. The company has a registered capital of RMB18,896,000 yuan. At the end of 2004, we received the "GMP" certification which is the most sought-after certification in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
Dimercaptosuccinic AcidDimercaptosuccinic Acid
[CAS NO.]:304-55-2[Sub-category]:Antidote
[Description]:This product is white or almost a white crystal or cryst
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Calcium GluconateCalcium Gluconate
[CAS NO.]:299-28-5[Sub-category]:calcium supplement drug
[Description]:This product is a white granular powder, odorless and ta
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Ferrous GluconateFerrous Gluconate
[CAS NO.]:299-29-6[Sub-category]:Anti-anemia drug
[Description]:This product has a gray/green or slightly yellow color a
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We have more than 163 kinds of medicine such as Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin B1 tablets, ranitidine capsules, kidney nourishing capsules, calcium gluconate, zinc gluconate, ferrous gluconate ...
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Cooperative Principle
About company foreign transaction matter of principle:
Principle one: Quality first. The drugs are the special commodity, we thought that the drugs quality must in conform to the national ...
Principle two: Homogeneity tendering. In order to let the consumer obtain more actual benefits, we must, in the quality has under the ...
Welcome the general supplier friend under above principle, discusses with Our company supplies the matters concerned
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